Grants and Donations

Styal Parish Council has pleasure in being able to award small grants and donations to organisations whose work benefits the Parish of Styal and its residents, and welcomes applications for funding from qualifying bodies.

Grants and Donations Fund

The total amount available for the funding of grants and donations is limited by law and, for Styal, it is of the order of £4,000 per financial year. Of this a maximum of £300 is allocated for donations.

Since the total fund is small, the Council normally considers grant applications for funding in amounts ranging between £25 and £1,000. The maximum grant that can be applied for by a single organisation is £1,500 but the Council would only consider awarding such a sum under very special circumstances.


There are two types of grant that can be applied for:  Scheduled Grants and Special Circumstances Grants

Scheduled Grants can be applied once a year at any time between April and November and the closing date for applications is 30th November. The applications are considered from December to February and, if approved, the grant will be paid in March.

Special Circumstances Grants can be applied for at any time during the year and if approved will be authorised at the next meeting following the approval process.

These grants are principally intended for situations where a charity or similar organisation could face hardship without the grant

The main difference between the two types of grant is that scheduled grants can be budgeted for and will receive priority over special circumstances grants. Awarding special circumstances grants, even when approved in principle, is wholly dependent upon how much money remains in the grants fund.


A donation may be awarded to organisations whose work benefits Styal Parish and its residents

A donation is a one-off financial award which falls outside the definition for grants in Styal Parish Council’s Grants and Donations policy. For example a donation could be made towards a village party to celebrate a Royal event.

The total fund for donations is £300 per financial year and no organisation can apply for a donation exceeding £150.

Payment for an approved application will be authorised as soon as is possible.

Applicants for Grants and Donations

Applications are welcomed from non-profit making organisations and charities whose aim is to benefit Styal Village and its residents.

Please note that applications from individuals cannot be considered.

Applying for a Grant

Applying for a grant or donation is simply a matter of downloading the appropriate form below, printing it and filling it in. However, the Council strongly recommends downloading the Grants and Donations Policy as it provides essential information and conditions about applications.

The form has to be returned to the Clerk but you are welcome to give it to one of the Councillors for forwarding on if it is more convenient.

Policy updated June 2021

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