Concerned About Speeding in Styal??

Lisa Gamble, the PCSO for Styal, has suggested that residents use the following link to report speeding and similar offences:
Cheshire Police

Forecourt Changes at Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport has announced that, as of June 2018, it will be introducing charges for dropping off passengers at its three terminals in order to reduce the major congestion currently being experienced at its terminal forecourts. The airport will also be introducing a dedicated free drop off site from where free shuttle services will operate to all three terminals.

It is hoped this will contribute to a major reduction in the number of individual vehicles trying to access the most congested parts of the campus. In parallel, an Express Drop-off charge will be introduced in the areas directly outside the three terminals and Ground Transport Interchange, like those already in place at almost all other UK airports.

From June onwards, unless the free drop off service is used, dropping off passengers or being dropped off at the front of any of the terminals will cost £3.00 for a five minute stay or £4.00 for a ten minute stay

More details on the changes can be found below:

Express Drop-off

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