Lode Hill is Causing Chaos Again

The parking operation at Lode Hill is causing problems for residents and drivers by inconsiderate parking on Altrincham Road. There are cars parked on both sides of the road and on corners in effect making it a single lane and hazardous to drivers. In addition it appears that drivers from the company drive at high speed along the roads, causing frequent ‘near misses’.

It is virtually certain that the cars are part of the Lode Hill operation because the majority of vehicles have small notices inside which indicate when the car is to be returned. Unfortunately, unless the parked cars can be proved to be creating an obstruction, there is little that authorities, such as the police, can do.

It also has been reported that hard standing is either being extended or a new space is being created in a field belonging to Lode Hill. This hard standing can be used to park even more vehicles. Hard standing in a field in the greenbelt requires planning permission

Unless there is planning approval in place then the creation of hard standing contravenes planning laws. Styal Parish Council has been unable to locate either planning approval or an application for planning permission allowing for the hard standing. Cheshire East Council Enforcement is aware of, and will be investigating, this issue.

Roadworks in the Local Area

Cheshire East Highways release reports relating to the latest roadworks in the Wilmslow area. The reports are subject to unforeseen changes, so they can only be treated as a guide.

The first report lists all the proposed works which were identified during a specific week.
January 20th 2022

The second report is more specific and lists alternative routes to avoid the roadworks where necessary. Note that this report is not issued for all roadworks.
Detailed Roadworks: January 2022

The main web page for Cheshire East Highways Roads is:
Highways and Roads

A direct link to the maps page for road works is (enter Wilmslow in the top right search box ):
Roadwork Maps

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