Styal Parish Council Meetings


The next meeting of Styal Parish Council will take place on Monday 28th June 2021 at 7.30pm in Earlams Log Cabin

The Agenda will be published nearer the time

Public Attendance at Council Meetings

The public are now welcome to attend face to face Council meetings although, until otherwise advised,  numbers still need to be restricted, social distancing still applies and you are advised to wear a mask although this is not compulsory. The Council will have conducted a risk assessment and will provide hand sanitiser, masks and other PPE equipment

If you wish to attend the meeting, please email the Clerk using the contact page by 12.00pm on Friday 25th June 2021. Note that if the number of residents wishing to attend is greater than the number of spaces, a first come first served basis will apply

Public Participation at Meetings

There will be two public participation slots of 10 minutes each, one at the beginning  of the meeting and one towards the end. During these times residents are welcome to make any comments or raise issues concerning Items on the Agenda. Please note that outside this time slot, residents may not speak unless they are invited to do so by the Chairman

Latest Minutes and Agendas

PDF-IconAgenda Annual Parish Meeting | 20th May 2021

PDF-IconAgenda Annual Parish Council Meeting | 20th May 2021

PDF-IconAgenda   |    Minutes   22nd March 2021

PDF-IconAgenda   |   Minutes   15th January 2021

PDF-IconAgenda   |    Minutes   7th September 2020

PDF-IconAgenda   |   Minutes   27th July 2020

PDF-IconAgenda   |   Minutes   16th March 2020

PDF-IconAgenda   |   Minutes   20th February 2020

PDF-IconAgenda   |   Minutes   3rd February 2020

PDF-IconAgenda   |   Minutes   6th January 2020

Archive Documents

Please send us a request via our contact page for soft copies of any historic minutes or agendas.

To view and download PDF files from our website, you will need Adobe Acrobat.


If you would prefer to receive hard copies of any of our literature please send us a request via our contact page.