The Neighbourhood Plan

Styal Parish Council is developing a Neighbourhood Plan and invites all Styal residents to help to make it a success

Can you help us shape the future of Styal?

Central government has given neighbourhoods throughout the country the opportunity to develop their own thoughts on future development, as part of the Localism Act 2011. Hundreds of communities around the country have already taken advantage of this new right and are preparing their own neighbourhood plans. You may be aware that Cheshire East is consulting on its own Local Plan, and that both Wilmslow and Handforth are in the process of developing their neighbourhood plans. Earlier this year Styal Parish Council set up a working party to look at the possibility of creating a Neighbourhood Plan. We are now at the point where we are seeking the views of all residents of Styal before we move to the next stage.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

  • A neighbourhood plan gives local communities the power to shape the future development and growth of their area.
  • It allows communities to choose where new developments can be built and what they should look like.
  • It forms part of the statutory development plan and is used by the local planning authority in making decisions on planning applications.

What are the benefits of producing a neighbourhood plan?

It can:

  • Give our community greater ownership of the planning policies in our area.
  • Allow us to set out where development should go and what it should look like.
  • Bring the community together to share ideas and build consensus about the needs and priorities for Styal.
  • Raise awareness and understanding of planning.
  • Provide a detailed evidence base about Styal.
  • Develop relationships between the community and the Parish Council

The Draft Vision for Styal

Styal will be a desirable and attractive village, supporting a good quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors to the community. The distinctive historic and rural character of the village will be maintained and enhanced, whilst evolving in a way that respects and reflects the views of the community. Styal will remain a green gap which separates and balances the development of Manchester Airport and surrounding areas.

Analysis of the Questionnaire

The Skeleton Neighbourhood Plan

  • The Neighbourhood Plan Working Group would like to thank all the residents who filled in the questionnaire. As a result of your responses the NP Group has created a skeleton framework for Styal’s Neighbourhood Plan
    PDF-IconSkeleton Neighbourhood Plan
  • There is a lot of work ahead to transform the skeleton plan into what will become Styal’s adopted Neighbourhood Plan which will be designed to protect the future of our village.

We Need Your Time and Expertise

  • Give us some of your time and expertise. This could involve anything from helping us deliver leaflets, sharing your knowledge of Styal, providing¬† local planning and legal advice.
  • If you would like to be involved in developing the Neighbourhood Plan, please let us have your name and contact details by using the Contact Page on this website